Tell Me a Story…

Our world is driven by story, it’s how we make sense of many things in our daily lives. But story is changing. We now consume it in bite sized chunks – Twitter feeds, Facebook updates, news headlines. People still read novels, but increasingly we are turning to screens to read. E-books are just beginning to sell well, and a revolution is about to upend the publishing world.

So, what does it all mean, and why should anyone care?

I care because I love stories. I love telling them, reading them and talking about them. And I’m interested in what other people think too.

What do you think about story? Do you read on paper, or on screen? What do you look for in a story? What makes a great read? Does it have to be 300 pages long to engage you? A friend once told me that she didn’t read short stories because they are like decaffeinated coffee – she wants the addiction of a novel, not the caffeine-free quickie of a short story. But as our world speeds up, do we still have time for novels? We want everything else fast, why not stories?

Let’s get talking about stories. Tell me what you think. How you read, what you look for in a read, what is missing from the way we tell stories. Now that we can publish online, stories can be so much more than static words on a page…the possibilities are enormous…where will it end?

Soon I’ll start posting some stories I’ve written and I’d love your comments. Maybe you can help me fix a tacky ending, or tell me what my characters are missing to make them stick. And if anyone’s interested, we can start a multi-authored story and see where we end up!

Hello world, talk to me, tell me a story!


2 thoughts on “Tell Me a Story…

  1. I just read your blog which I found via your Hermit Crab story which I read via Facebook. I loved the story and the blog, and I always like your Facebook posts. And, you know, I actually like talking to you too.

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