Announcing: Breaking Beauty

It’s been a while since I posted about the beauty anthology. I have been busily working with the writers to get the manuscript polished and shipshape.  And it’s looking pretty amazing. Just as I had hoped, the writers took the theme of ‘beauty’ and cracked it open, looking at the underside of the idea and the fact that beauty cannot exist without it’s companion and alter ego – ugliness.

And so from that came the name of the anthology: Breaking Beauty. It seemed to fit.

The stories we have collected together in Breaking Beauty are remarkable. Diverse. Beautiful. Frightening. Illuminating. Funny. Heartbreaking. Sweet.

And now, finally, I can announce the names of the writers who have made this collection such a good read:

Katherine Arguile
Lesley Beasley
Gillian Britton
Rebekah Clarkson
Jessica Clements
Katherine Doube
Annabel Evitts
Ruby Ewens
Matthew Gabriel
Corrie Hosking
Rosemary Jackson
Melanie Kinsman
Stefan Laszczuk
Jo Lennan
Gay Lynch
Mary Lynn Mather
Amy T. Matthews
Rachael Mead
Lilliana Rose
Bernadette Smith
Anna Solding
Reg Taylor
Lynette Washington
Bryan Whalen
Sean Williams
Kimberley Zeneth

28 stories in all, every one of them a gem. (Bryan Whalen’s work shook me up so much I had to include two of his stories).

Now, exciting news! We will be launching Breaking Beauty at 6:30pm Friday 7th November at the South Australian Writers Centre. We hope to see you there.

Stay tuned…we have a stunning cover being designed – I can’t wait to show it to you soon!









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