Plane Tree Drive reviews

‘The writing is beautiful and extremely innovative. Washington is a master of the written word.’ Good Reading Magazine

‘This is a beautifully written example of what Frank Moorhouse calls a discontinuous narrative… One intriguing feature is the way these tales shine new lights on one another, giving this collection of stand-alone stories some of the qualities of a novel.’ Kerryn Goldsworthy, The Age, Sydney Morning Herald

‘Washington has a gift for description that is well showcased in these stories… The playfulness and variety of forms, and the ways in which Washington uses these formal experiments to construct meaning, elevate this collection from quotidian fiction into something touching and profound… Lynette Washington has achieved something quite special with Plane Tree Drive.’ Daniel Young, The Luminous Ether

‘Washington has a talent for voice, turning from playful to serious and introspective in the turning of a page, revealing not only terrific writing but a sense of community and connectedness that draws the stories together. I enjoyed this and look forward to more from Washington – she’s a talent to watch for.’ Monique Mulligan

‘This was instant attraction…addictive reading at its best… Every turned page delivers another gem; short stories crisp and packed with power, street-wise and sassy… These stories are mini-masterpieces.’ Carl Delprat, Compulsive Reader

‘Of course I enjoyed it! How could any reader who is interested in the lives of people not enjoy a book which pokes into the nooks and crannies of all our lives?… This is the sort of short story collection that should have wide appeal. The use of recurring characters makes it appealing to those who prefer novels, while the playing with the short story form and structure provides interest for the short story lover.’ Whispering Gums

‘Washington delights, questions and surprises… This book is a gem, full of little gems, and I look forward to more from this author.’ The Big Book Club